Julia Mischille
"Mia is an excellent English teacher! She gives you good study materials, vocabulary etc - but more than that she teaches you methods how to learn English easily and quickly." (Lawyer, Germany)
Markus Jost
"I went to South Africa with high expectations and came back to Switzerland with the confidence that I exceed all my goals." (Businessman, Switzerland)
Yun Hwan Joung
"You are one of the best teachers that I have ever seen." (Scholar, Korea)
"Mia always teaches me with her best and made my English to improve." (Scholar, South Africa)
"I have been with Mia for more than two years." (Germany)
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"Mia is a woman of such generous spirit, at ease in the company of paupers and kings." (United Kingdom)
"Mia taught me so much about presentations and how to take care of my clients." (France)
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  • Julia Mischille
  • Markus Jost
  • Yun Hwan Joung
  • Ji-Woong
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