Corporate Communication Development

Every workshop is adjusted to fit your needs accordingly.



One-on-One Personalised Tuition

Clients come for as long as they want and need to. You set your own pace. In the beginning I suggest lessons at least twice a week.

Business people usually do a course over a period of 3 months to 3 years, depending on their needs.

(Of course as they also start having fun when they gain confidence and just carry on…)

What You Learn

  • One-on-one lessons in English Communication skills
  • English Grammar
  • English Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Business English
  • Body language and how to use it
  • Use of positive language to handle all situations
  • Focus on the needs of the individual
  • Listening skills
  • Reading skills
  • How to stay positive and energetic



One Day Workshops

Each participant receives a tailor made guideline developed through years of hands-on experience and knowledge of the business world and its demands.

What You Learn

  • Telephone skills
  • Telesales skills
  • How to become an active listener
  • How to handle rejection
  • How to make every call successful
  • Email writing and basic English Tenses
  • Sales and Negotiation skills
  • Role plays. This is an excellent way to practice and rehearse without sounding rehearsed
  • Projection on the telephone in a call centre situation.
  • Every lesson and workshop is tailor made to suit your individual/company and career needs.



All in One Workshops

3-4 day communication workshop for groups from 4 to as many as 25 people. The workshops are focussed on your company and its goals, whether an out or inbound call centre or any company that wants to improve the quality of their staff from beginner to advanced level. All study materials are provided. Mia Communication Development Certificate on completion of workshop.

Day 1

The elements of communication; Written communication in the workplace; Email writing skills and Role play

Day 2

Verbal communication in the workplace; Telephone skills; How to sell and make the sale and Role play

Day 3

Customer Service Training

Negotiation skills. How to handle angry customers and clients. How to always sound professional and friendly. How to get what you want using positive language. Role play.

Client Profiles?

Receptionists | Client Service Consultants | Debt Collectors | A Security Controller from Lufthansa | Lufthansa Senior Sales Manager for Europe | International Banker from Switzerland. (Preparation for job in Guernsey) | Banker Absa (Property Division) | Translator from Shell Angola | Various students from China, Korea, Madagascar, France and South Africa
An Engineer from Shell Angola and Holland | Lieutenant Colonel from Germany (Professional soldier working in Iraq) | Telesales personnel | Sales personnel from South Africa, Switzerland and Germany | Pastor | Actuary | Teachers | Lawyers from South Africa and Germany | Second Language Learners from South Africa | Holiday Makers

‘What would you do if you knew you could not fail’

Guidance: Materials are provided.

Extremely practical and easy to use and implement, also very user friendly and step by step guideline as a printout and in presentation form:

  • Telephone techniques
  • Telesales
  • Email writing skills
  • Role play
  • How to handle angry clients and customers