Telesales - those dreaded calls!

From the telesales as well as the receiver’s side. Liked by none, feared by all!

Those opening lines: ''And how are you today?''

I am immediately irritated because they don’t know me, and I don’t know them, yet they want to know the state of my health, my emotions, my well-being. I always remain polite, fighting the urge to be unpleasant because I have been there and I had to walk the road of the anxiety for some time.

Let me show you how. Let us role play your script and the product you introduce/sell. What is more, let me prove to you how every call can be stress-free and successful.

Once again, think how your approach will be if your knew you could not fail…?

  • Put the phone down as the winner of the situation
  • Make your sale, or
  • Get a referral, or
  • Get a meaningful call back- appointment.


Never experience the feeling of being rejected again...
Remember, the winner takes it all!