I am a Free-State girl who studied Speech and Drama and I also tutored professional people, students and and scholars in English.

I have done dubbing, voice-overs and acted in some local TV stories as well as very small parts in the typical American B movies.
My genuine interest and love for people helped me tremendously in my career. People are my great passion in life.

I started in the business world working for Erez Shaked who taught me so much about sales and interpersonal relationship with people. After working for him I joined Manro Management Consultants as their telesales marketer.

Those were the days that you had to learn by trial and error as there was no sales training available and one had to learn the hard way. I had to contact and set up appointments with MD’s and CEO’s of the top South African companies.

I was a registered estate agent in Johannesburg and the Sales Director of a signage company for some years. I have spent many years as a sales and telesales marketer.

I lived in Mauritius for 3 years where I did some work for Air Mauritius and where I also became involved in voluntary work for UNESCO.

I spent just over a year working for English First in China, a year in Cape Town for OWLS, a language school in Cape Town, teaching Business English. I taught Marketing, Life Skills and Business English at Boland College.

In 2006 and 2007 I completed my portfolio for SETA as Assessor and Moderator in Business English. I have been working as a full time language and skills tutor since 2006. Working so closely with people is really fulfilling because every single human being is wonderful and unique.


One of the great lessons I have learned is that the more people rely on social media and communication technology the less the ability to communicate and the greater the need for face to face contact.

Do not forget the sheer pleasure of communication and the satisfaction and fulfillment this brings.

See you soon… Mia