Telephone Techniques
Telephone techniques that work for call centers and individuals.
Successful Selling
Learn how to sell successfully ( we are all born sellers)
Professional Emails
Professional email writing for everyone.
Positive Communication
Positive communication through body language, tone and voice.
Learn with Ease
How to learn easy, every day grammar and improve your vocabulary daily.
Nonverbal Communication
Improve Your Nonverbal Skills and Reading of Body Language
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  • Telephone Techniques
  • Successful Selling
  • Professional Emails
  • Positive Communication
  • Learn with Ease
  • Nonverbal Communication

Let's Stop Talking and Let's Start Communicating!

Mia with Happy Clients

What is successful communication?

  • The most important skill in the Universe.
  • The art of conveying and sharing your knowledge on business, interests, politics, religion and skills; drawing loved ones and professional people close to you.
  • Letting go of fears and preconceived ideas of what people think about you, becoming uniquely you.
  • Be enthusiastic and passionate about the English Language and improve communication with other people at all levels.

What is Mia Communication Development?

Gain Confidence and Build Lasting Relationships!
  • Confidence!
  • Guidance and creative support in writing and presenting
  • Communicate better - Gain confidence
  • Improve your speech - Build lasting relationships
  • What is Mia Communication?
  • Communicate!
  • Remember, 67% of what we say is portrayed by our body language and tone of voice.
  • Develop the skill of using positive language and see the reaction!
  • Be more confident = create more confidence.
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Success!
  • Guide you or write your speeches for your business meetings
  • Teach you how to do presentations (Voice and projection)
  • Teach you good grammar skills
  • Role play your negotiation skills (sales and telesales/debt collection/customer service skills)
  • What I will do for you?
Trust and believe in yourself with no fear to let go and reach out, and you will become an excellent communicator!

When you need a good tutor...
Why not make me that special tutor?
Talents are meaningless unless you can share it!